5 Reasons Why Women Should Learn Self-Defense

Women should take time to learn self-defense. It is not only your right but an empowering experience that can change your life forever. Chances are you have seen a statistic or the news has told you that women are more likely to be violently attacked. Being a woman, I am quite sure that you take this seriously. Unfortunately, despite knowing getting self-defense training is important (or very smart), most women don’t actually train themselves in this area. However, as with many other things, you can’t neglect your personal safety because of your busy schedule. Learning self-defense, especially in a violent society like ours, can empower women to be mentally and physically stronger. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider doing so.

Reason #1: You are safer in a fight.

A lot of women think that if they’re attacked, their best option is to play dead or run away. This is often not the case. When you do this, you’re putting yourself at an even greater risk of injury. Why? Because:

– If the attacker thinks you’re playing dead, they may try to move you out of the area where they found you, which could mean trouble for you later on down the line when you wake up and don’t remember where you are or what happened.

– If the attacker thinks you’re a threat, they may attack with force to neutralize it. Running away can trigger a chase response (because you’re fleeing something) and could get them hot on your tail, which could end in more violence.

– If the attacker is bigger than you and stronger than you, running away may not be possible because they can easily catch up to and overpower you (not to mention these guys are usually fast). This means that if there’s no escape, then all that’s left for survival is self-defense…

As an instructor, I am constantly pushing my students to get into physical altercations. This seems counterintuitive, but it is the only way to prepare for a confrontation. People who have no experience in fighting usually have an exaggerated idea of how bad it is and will avoid a fight at any cost. This is dangerous because you have no idea how you would react. Avoiding fights keeps you from learning about your reaction and how to change it so you can be safer in the future. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, you need to be able to defend yourself with whatever means necessary. Self-defense classes give you the skills and ability to do just that.

Reason #2: The world around you is dangerous.

Let’s face it: the world around you is dangerous.

Whether it’s a random act of violence, a crime of opportunity, or an assault perpetrated by someone you know, the simple fact is that no place (and no person) is completely safe.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 467,000 women were victims of violent crimes in 2011 alone — and that number doesn’t include the unreported assaults or those that occurred in areas with no law enforcement coverage.

And while you can take measures to help ensure your safety — like traveling in groups, staying away from dark alleyways, and locking your car doors — sometimes these things just aren’t enough to keep you safe.

Learning self-defense gives women a fighting chance against attackers. The world is scary, bad people exist and you can’t tell who they are by looking at them. So, it’s important to be able to protect yourself. But there is a lot of misinformation about how to do that. One thing is for sure, though: self-defense is not about fighting. It’s about minimizing risk and keeping yourself safe.

Reason #3: It’s fun & comfortable to always be prepared and feel safe.

Being safe is fun! It’s fun to know that you can protect yourself. It’s fun to feel that you can trust your instincts and talents during dangerous situations.

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Women should learn self-defense not only because they have to protect themselves, but because it’s fun and comfortable to always be safe and prepared.

If you’re having a bad day, hitting a punching bag or throwing yourself into a workout can be great stress relievers. When you’re in a martial arts class, you don’t have to worry about carrying pepper spray or your keys in-between your fingers as you walk alone at night.

Knowing self-defense makes women more confident overall, as they begin to realize their strength and independence. It is not only empowering for the woman practicing self-defense, but also for her family and friends who know she can take care of herself.

I’m a woman and I’m proud of my mother, sister, friends, and colleagues who know how to defend themselves. For me, it’s a symbol of strength, care, love, and support.

Reason #4: You’re showing up as your best self possible.

Women should learn self-defense because they need to be careful about who is dangerous in their lives. Self-defense can help protect you from attack and even death, so it’s worth learning how if there are people around that might hurt or kill us – whether intentionally on purpose!

The #4 reason I think this way? You’re showing up as your best possible version of yourself; which means standing tall with confidence while at the same time taking care not to make any mistakes when dealing with them (or worse). That way, if something were to happen and someone tried (unsuccessfully)to take advantage or hurt me in any way; I could protect myself with the skills that make sense for me – which may include fighting back!

Reason #5: When you’re attacked, fighting back is your best chance of survival.

If you are attacked, your best chance of survival is to fight back. This is a fact. Women who have been attacked and fought back have a much higher success rate of getting away than women who did not fight back.

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In one study of women who were raped, those who physically resisted their attackers were less likely to be injured and less likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder than those who did not fight back.

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So, there you have it. Five reasons why women should learn self-defense. It’s not about being a man-hater or thinking that all men are bad. It’s about being prepared for the worst-case scenario and knowing that you have the power to defend yourself. Self-defense is a critical life skill that every woman should have. Learning how to defend yourself can help you feel more confident and empowered, and can even save your life.

Takeaway: Women should learn self-defense because it protects them from harm.

Self-defense is of the utmost importance to every woman. It can protect you from harm, empower you to feel more confident in yourself, and even save lives! It’s also empowering and can help women feel more confident. Self-defense is a critical life skill that every woman should have. The need for self-defense is not only important to women’s safety but also to their empowerment and sense of confidence. Self-defense can give a woman the power she needs in any situation from protecting herself at home or workplace; it will help make sure that you’re never vulnerable again when out walking alone during late-night hours!

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